Washington Association of Educational Office Professionals

WAEOP is the only state-level professional organization specifically
dedicated to the professional and personal enrichment of educational
office professionals and office support staff

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Marilyn Mason, WAEOP President

Marilyn Mason

September is here and students are back in school.  Our school year begins the end of August, and it has been a very busy time. I know all of us are overloaded at the start of a new school year and many of us are doing more than one position due to cut-backs, lay-offs, etc.  We are overwhelmed, stressed out and working over our limits.  This is when I rely on tips I have learned from WAEOP and NAEOP classes.  These suggestions help me to be productive, maintain a positive attitude and above all, be professional.

Speaking of classes, WAEOP’s Fall Institute - Put Safety First: at home, work and play-is just around the corner. The dates are October 10-12, 2014 at Heatherwood Middle School in Mill Creek, WA.  We have great speakers lined up and I know it will be valuable information for all members. I just had the experience of a man coming into our office asking for money.  I was alone and it was an uncomfortable experience.  I politely told him we had no money for him and fortunately he left after five minutes.  During that encounter, I was preparing myself on what emergency procedures I would need to take if it came to that moment.  Are you prepared for these situations?  Institute classes will offer not only instruction, but hands on training.Information and the registration brochure can be found under the Conference/Institute tab our WAEOP’s website.  Share the registration information with your co-workers.  This is a great opportunity and one not to be missed.

I am gearing up for one on my hobbies - quilting.  I have been busy this summer with golfing and family visits, and have not had time to sew one stitch.  It is difficult when you work year-round to balance work, family, friends and time for yourself.  There never seems to be enough time.  Prioritizing is on my list.  Make sure you take time for yourself.  You are worth it!

Marilyn Mason, CEOE
WAEOP President






Our Mission

The mission of the Washington Association of Educational Office Professionals is to promote the professional standards of its diverse membership through networking, information, and educational opportunities.

Our Vision

Washington Association of Educational Office Professionals are committed to continuous membership for personal and professional growth and are valued as cooperating partners in the education of students in the state of Washington.


WAEOP is affiliated with NAEOP
(National Association of Educational Office Professionals)
and is allied with the
Washington Association
of School Administrators

as well as the
Association of Washington School Principals.