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Melisa White, WAEOP President

Melisa White

Let me introduce myself. My name is Melisa White, your WAEOP President for the 2015-2016 year. I am excited and look forward to serving and representing you, the members, this coming year. I have worked in the Moses Lake School District for 21 years. Currently, I work at Sage Point Elementary, which is one of the newer schools in the district. I’ve had the pleasure of working with my principal to start the school from the ground up. It was a fun and amazing process. Prior to working at Sage Point Elementary, I was at the high school for a few years and another elementary school. To this day, I truly love my job. I love all aspects of the job, from my staff, to the students, the community and the parents. I am married and have three children, ages 33, 30 and 22 with 5 grandchildren who have brightened my life more than I ever thought possible.

As this year approached, I started thinking of what WAEOP could do to help brighten our part of what we do in the educational world. With all the negativity in news and radio, I think we should begin with each one of us. We all know being in education that it takes a whole village to raise a child. Each person has a part that he/she has to do. Well, as members of WAEOP, we all have a part in how we move and what we would like to see the future of WAEOP become.  

My logo/theme for this year is “Everyone has the ability to pay it forward.  Kindness unlocks doors that were thought to be closed forever."  (Where there is another person there is opportunity for kindness). I know it is a bit long. However, I believe that it can all start with each one of us. If you set a goal each day to do one simple or small step of kindness, over time people around you will see a difference. Not just in your office, your school, your classroom, your home life, your church life, your relationships, and your family, but it will be a ripple effect. I have seen it and continue to see it. Positive feeds on positive as negative feeds on negative. If you choose to be positive you will have a better outlook and feel happier. I challenge you to try it for a day. Take a day and choose to be positive.  Smile at everyone who comes through the doors at your school. Tell them good morning! You will notice that they will in turn smile and wish you to have a good day as well. Don't just stop there; keep it going. When you answer that phone, smile as you are answering it. They might not see your smile on the other end of the phone, but I guarantee they can hear it. We all have experienced that person at the other end of the phone who is grumpy or just having a bad day for one reason or another. Stop and think how you felt on the other end of the phone. Now think about the difference you felt when someone was happy on the other end of your phone conversation didn't that make you feel better? Whether they were helping you or you helping them, everything is a little better with kindness.  

I am not saying that everyday is going to be a happy dance all day long or that you will not have ups and downs in a day. I am just saying that if you do it with a smile and kindness it makes your day, and anyone that you come into contact with, a little better. Remember, as we work in the educational field in some capacity or another, our job is customer service. When someone comes through the doors of our schools as a parent, student, staff member, or community member, it’s how they are treated from that first step that they enter and it’s how they perceive our school. We don't get a second chance to go back to give them their first impression. So maybe that angry parent who is walking through your door is a parent who had something tragic happen.  You don't know that, you don't know their background, you don't know their story. All that you see is that there is a parent coming into the school and, by their reaction, they are angry.  Shower them with kindness! You might not be able to fix the problem, but they just want to be heard and to know that they matter.  Who knows, they could be your future boss or future school board member. You see we don’t know what they are going through. We can, however, be kind, listen and find out. I have never known a person who doesn't want to be treated with kindness.

As for me and my school, we practice this everyday. People will see the difference and after a while it becomes a habit. Imagine that!  Kindness becomes a habit! After a while those parents, students, staff members, or community members will know which school you are from. They will know that you are from the school that treats everyone like they are family. That this school has now become a community of kindness that molds and teaches those students to be and want to be a part of your community. You see it only has to start with one person. That one person can be YOU!
As you set forth for your day, please take my challenge of Kindness. "Everyone has the ability to pay it forward. Kindness unlocks the doors that were thought to be closed forever" (Where there is one person there is opportunity for kindness).  I believe that if each one of us, as members of WAEOP and members of our schools, take this challenge we can make that difference.  So join me and see how our acts of kindness can not only change our schools, but can change WAEOP and lead members to a better tomorrow.

Everyone has the ability to pay it forward.  Kindness unlocks doors that were thought to be closed forever." 


Melisa White, CEOE
WAEOP President 2015-2016 




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