Washington Association of Educational Office Professionals

WAEOP is the only state-level professional organization specifically
dedicated to the professional and personal enrichment of educational
office professionals and office support staff

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Marilyn Mason, WAEOP President

Marilyn Mason


Going the Extra Mile
The acrobatic, high-energy dolphin must spend most of its time hunting to survive. But when a pod member is sick or injured, others will set aside their own needs to come to its rescue. A pair of dolphins, one on each side, will stay beside it, lifting it to the surface to breathe each breath – sometimes for days at a time – until it recovers the strength to swim for itself.

                                Your commitment makes the difference.
Commitment – what does that word mean to you?The dictionary shows the following:

  • a promise to do or give something
  • a promise to be loyal to someone or something
  • the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something

I am asking you to make a commitment to WAEOP. Easy steps might include renewing your membership, asking a co-worker to join WAEOP, attend a Professional Development Program in your area or attend Spring Conference April 24-25, 2015 in Spokane. A next step could be volunteering to be on a committee or serving as a board member. And consider attending a NAEOP Conference and Institute.  This summer it will be held in Buffalo, NY on July 22-25, 2015. There are about 15-20 WAEOP members who will be attending, so the more the merrier.

How about writing an article for the newsletter? Interested in photography? – take some pictures at your local association and submit to the WAEOP News. We would love to hear from you. Take the first step and see the benefits of growing personally and professionally.

Working in an educational environment, I encourage everyone to keep growing in your professional career.  Reach for that highest star and keep expanding your horizons.

Our organization is here for you. Get involved, break out of your comfort zone and experience being a part of the WAEOP quilt.  It involves lots of hugs, laughter and friendships. I want to encourage you to take that first step and you’ll keep coming back for more!

Marilyn Mason, CEOE
WAEOP President





Our Mission

The mission of the Washington Association of Educational Office Professionals is to promote the professional standards of its diverse membership through networking, information, and educational opportunities.

Our Vision

Washington Association of Educational Office Professionals are committed to continuous membership for personal and professional growth and are valued as cooperating partners in the education of students in the state of Washington.


WAEOP is affiliated with NAEOP
(National Association of Educational Office Professionals)
and is allied with the
Washington Association
of School Administrators

as well as the
Association of Washington School Principals.